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7 Steps to Tarka

Note to self:

1. Perform your asana practice.  Asanas help you to become stronger and more flexible!  The health benefits are obvious, but more importantly, you will be preparing your body and mind for transformation that can improve every aspect of life.

2. Chant.   Let go of the thinking mind for a bit.  Allow yourself to enjoy the sound of mantras that purify and increase your vibratory rate.

3. Perform pranayama.   With a few minutes of Nadi Shodhana, and you will enjoy a deeper meditation as you allow the awareness to begin to turn within.

4. Meditate!  Check out the schedule.  Come learn during class.  Do it at home.  Meditate in groups (like Thursday or Sunday evening at Temecula Yoga Collective).  The purpose of meditation is to experience samādhi (expanded awareness and bliss) within, to gain deep rest, and to release past impressions (stress, subconscious limiting thoughts, karma) from the mind and body.

5. Study great yogic texts, such as  Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, Pratyabijna Hridayam, the Shiva Sutras.  Through study, you will also deepen your practice, avoid confusion, and benefit from inspiring wisdom from those who have traveled the path of yoga before you.

6. Do yoga off the mat  Be present and aware, accept each challenge as an opportunity, make use of the refinement that your practice is helping you to develop in your heart and mind by means of expanding your awareness.

7. Enjoy bringing Samādhi into Life!  Yoga is not just about having samādhi on the inside, but to express it in each and every thought, perception, feeling, and action.  That is Tarka - the highest limb of the Tantric refinement of  Yoga - refining our deepest thinking (buddhi) and subsequent actions with the power of samādhi.