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Divine Order

Sometimes we are given the impression that sciences such as quantum physics are perfectly orderly and contrary to spirituality while yoga philosophy and practice is lacking in orderliness and scientific scrutiny.  This article will attempt to question and hopefully dismantle such suppositions.

Recently, an award-winning documentary appeared on PBS that questions such a seemingly sensible dichotomy.  In this documentary, Dr. Amit Goswami, theoretical quantum physicist and retired professor of over 30 years at University of Oregon, presents evidence that the ultimate ground of being serves as the basis for both human consciousness and the entire material universe.

Whether we are spiritually motivated or agnostic, we can certainly appreciate the orderliness that exists in our cosmos.  Huge heavenly bodies whirl about in precise orbits such that we can predict eclipses with unmistakable accuracy.  With increasingly powerful telescopes and microscopes and other perceptual refinements, we are better able to fathom how the orderly processes in Nature function.

Dr. Goswami tackles some fascinating mysteries that have stumped scientists for ages: How can healing occur?  Why is intention powerful in some cases but not others?  How can extra-sensory perception work for certain individuals at times?    

Professor Goswami, who has written the textbook used at many universities as the introduction to quantum physics, reminds us that another physicist with whom we are all familiar – Albert Einstein – spent the last 25 years of his life attempting to prove  that all of the forces in the universe – nuclear, gravitational, electromagnetic – have a common basis.  Einstein referred to this as the unified field. 

Dr. Goswami explains that phenomena such as alternative therapies – acupuncture, ayurveda, naturopathy – as well as mysterious phenomena – intuition, healing, hyper perception – can be explained by the understanding of this unified field. 

According to yoga philosophy, this unified field is the common source of the subjective and objective spheres of life.  It is beyond space, time, and sequence; and yet it is that which gives rise to space, time, and causation. 

Teachers and schools of yoga are quite scientific in their attempt to access this unified field by means of techniques such as meditation, pranayama, asana practice, and being open to life’s challenges in an increasingly aware manner.  Over the many hundreds of years of the yoga tradition, different groups of individuals have debated about which philosophical understandings are best and which practices are most efficacious in connecting to the deepest and purest realms of our awareness which turns out to connect with the source of all that exists.

Yoga philosophy points out that we can enrich life most fully by attending to the most fundamental aspect of life – this unified field which is present in every aspect of life.  Just as a gardener causes a large tree to flourish simply by nourishing it at the root level, so too can we as practitioners of yoga, enhance all areas of life – our intentions, our creativity, the quality of our thoughts and emotions, our relationships – by means of tapping into this most fundamental ground of being.

So next time someone retorts that yoga is lacking in scientific rigor or that it is “new age nonsense,” you will have a few thoughts that might encourage them to think again!  To learn more, please join us in one of our many classes, and don’t forget about our grand opening (4/5-4/7) where there will be many free and donation-based events.  More information available at